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Great achievements for Sooyang Do Instructors and members…........

The positive developments within Sooyang Do continue at a pace with new schools opening, instructors being promoted, hundreds of students grading and a whole range of initiatives on the part of our hard working team.

Posted on: 03 April 2018
Master Wood returns from France for Christmas belt examinations

Proud founder Master Bruce Wood looks forward to the future of our art ................

Posted on: 22 December 2017
Chief Instructor Gordon McIver recieves Inspiration award

Mr McIver’s dedication to Sooyang Do whilst battling prostate cancer led him to receiving the Inspiration award at this years Aberdeen’s Sport Awards........

Posted on: 04 November 2017

Founded by Mr Bruce Wood on 19th May 2003, Sooyang Do (The art/way of maintaining mind body and spirit) is an exhilarating system of martial arts training which is designed to enable the practitioner to enhance all aspects of physical fitness- speed, stamina, strength and flexibility and to acquire realistic and effective self defense skills in a safe and friendly environment and in which the overall health and well being of the student is of paramount importance.

Although a modern martial art, Sooyang Do is traditional in its adherence to the time honoured virtues of Courtesy, Integrity, Humility and Respect which is reflected in the Sooyang Do motto “Jin Sil” meaning “Truth”.

All students are accepted for what they are, regardless of sex, creed, national origin, talent or disabilities with the basic premise being that we all share the common goal of self-improvement. Sooyang Do instructors are therefore trained to avoid encouraging “competitiveness” between individual students and are encouraged to foster a team spirit in which all students progress in accordance with their effort and enthusiasm in their training regardless of age, initial physical condition, or disability.

United Kingdom Sooyang Do Association

Office Bearers

   Master Bruce Wood - President and Founder

  • Gordon McIver - Chairperson
  • Susan Staniforth - Vice Chairperson/Volunteer Co-ordinator
  • Megan Wood - Secretary
  • Maya Hart - Treasurer
  • David Bremner - Welfare/Child Protection Officer
  • Gordon McIver - Licence Officer
  • Colleen McIver - Webmaster/Marketing Officer