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Instructor Update

It is my unfortunate duty to announce the departure of two of our instructors - Mr Danny Collins and Mr Lee Walker, both of whom have decided not to renew their membership of the UK Sooyang Do Association, and that, as a consequence, neither are licenced, insured or permitted to teach Sooyang Do, to represent Sooyang Do, or to use the Sooyang Do name or logo in any way whatsoever.  Both Mr Collins and Mr Walker will continue to enjoy my respect, as well as my gratitude, for their contribution to Sooyang Do and I wish them the best of success in their future endeavours.

Posted on: 22 June 2020

March 2020 Gradings

Posted on: 17 March 2020
Chief Instructor Mr Roberts promoted to Examiner

Master Bruce Wood congratulates Mr Roberts on his recent promotion............

Posted on: 07 January 2019

Chief Instructor Gordon McIver recieves Inspiration award

Mr McIver’s dedication to Sooyang Do whilst battling prostate cancer led him to receiving the Inspiration award at this years Aberdeen’s Sport Awards........



UKSA Chairman Mr McIver was diagnosed with prostate cancer over a year ago and throughout his treatment has carried on training and coaching at his local clubs, and has also continued with his other various Sooyang Do roles and responsibilities. During this time, as well as dealing with his own illness Mr McIver has been there to help and support fellow students and their families with their own personal battles with cancer.

Still undergoing treatment Mr McIver explained how Sooyang Do has given him an escape from his illness and has given him something positive to concentrate on. 

Mr McIver was nominated multiple times for this award and was extremely humbled by being called an “inspiration” by his nominees and said “ I’m very pleased to have won this award, but really I’m just a grumpy old man” he joked As one of Sooyang Dos’ founder instructors Mr McIver explained how Sooyang Do has kept him motivated and driven throughout his illness. “I just seize the day and carry on” said Mr McIver “I try and not let things get me down and just carry on and hopefully things will work out all right”.


Pictured below Mr McIver with members from Portlethen & Summerhill Sooyang Do Clubs


Posted on: 04 November 2017