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Sunday 12th September 2021 Gradings

BROWN to BROWN SENIOR - 10.30am floor commencement


DAN - 1pm floor commencent

Posted on: 08 September 2021
A message from our founder Master Bruce Wood

As we begin to take the most tentative steps towards what we all hope will be a return to some sort of “normality”, I thought it was time the hard work, fortitude and inventiveness of our team of instructors was acknowledged

Posted on: 13 March 2021
Instructor Update

It is my unfortunate duty to announce the departure of two of our instructors - Mr Danny Collins and Mr Lee Walker, both of whom have decided not to renew their membership of the UK Sooyang Do Association, and that, as a consequence, neither are licenced, insured or permitted to teach Sooyang Do, to represent Sooyang Do, or to use the Sooyang Do name or logo in any way whatsoever.  Both Mr Collins and Mr Walker will continue to enjoy my respect, as well as my gratitude, for their contribution to Sooyang Do and I wish them the best of success in their future endeavours.

Posted on: 22 June 2020


March 2020 Gradings

It is with regret, that, due to the increasing seriousness of the Coronavirus situation, we must announce the postponement of the Sooyang Do belt examinations, scheduled to be held on 22nd, 28th and 29th March 2020.


Whilst I know this will be a great disappointment to many, I am sure all students and parents of younger students will understand that this was a necessary step to take and, indeed, the only responsible course of action to adopt in the circumstances. I sincerely hope that life will get back to normal for all of us in the very near future but, most importantly, I hope that all Sooyang Do students, your families and your loved ones stay healthy.


Jin Sil


Master Bruce Wood

Posted on: 17 March 2020