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Juniors belt examinations a great sucess

Master Wood enthusiastic about the future of Sooyang Do......

Posted on: 05 July 2018
Sooyang Do celebrates its 15th Anniversary

Founder Master Bruce Wood expresses his thanks to his devoted instructors and members............

Posted on: 04 June 2018
Great achievements for Sooyang Do Instructors and members

The positive developments within Sooyang Do continue at a pace with new schools opening, instructors being promoted, hundreds of students grading and a whole range of initiatives on the part of our hard working team.

Posted on: 03 April 2018

Master Wood visits some of the North East’s Sooyang Do Clubs

Back from France, North East students welcome Master Wood ..............



It has been my great pleasure to be afforded the opportunity to visit so many of our Sooyang Do schools, throughout the North East of Scotland, in recent weeks. 

Having travelled around the region, teaching so many of our students at Cairncry, Ellon, Balmedie, Kaimhill, Alford, Summerhill, Kintore, Stonehaven and Kemnay, as well as teaching instructors at Summerhill and Peterculter, I have been reminded, once again, of the unique spirit and energy, which encapsulate the very essence of Sooyang Do, and the incredible work of our instructors. 

We are generally slow, in Sooyang Do, to shout from the rooftops about our achievements, preferring to remain true to our tenets, including humility. I am, however, extremely proud of the Sooyang Do team, all of whom successfully combine the promotion of the traditional values of the martial arts, whilst continuing to strive for technical excellence and, even more importantly, prioritising the overall welfare of those who put their trust in us, particularly those younger students whose parents and guardians enable us to contribute and assist in the education of their children. 

As the weekend approaches and we prepare to hold belt examinations for some 350 Sooyang Do students, of all ages and rank, at the Westdyke Centre, I remain truly humbled by the continuing loyalty and dedication of the Sooyang Do instructors. I eagerly anticipate a weekend of positive aspiration, achievement and pride, as we look forward to some even more exciting developments in the future. 

Club photographs from top to bottom -

Summerhill, Balmedie, Kintore, Stonehaven, Kemnay

Master Bruce Wood
Founder/Master Instructor 
Sooyang Do Martial Art

Posted on: 03 December 2015