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Juniors belt examinations a great sucess

Master Wood enthusiastic about the future of Sooyang Do......

Posted on: 05 July 2018
Sooyang Do celebrates its 15th Anniversary

Founder Master Bruce Wood expresses his thanks to his devoted instructors and members............

Posted on: 04 June 2018
Great achievements for Sooyang Do Instructors and members

The positive developments within Sooyang Do continue at a pace with new schools opening, instructors being promoted, hundreds of students grading and a whole range of initiatives on the part of our hard working team.

Posted on: 03 April 2018

Sooyang Do is pleased to confirm that the register of Qualified Black Belts has today been updated. The new entries as of the 19th May 2018 are:

    Recent Black Belts

  • Conor Gardiner: Bo Dan
  • Joel Gooch: Bo Dan
  • Hagen Ross: Bo Dan
  • Ellie Robertson: Bo Dan
  • Abigail Bolton: Bo Dan
  • Joshua Mellis: Bo Dan
  • Richard McCarry: Bo Dan
  • :
  • Lily Brown: 1st Dan
  • Gregor Ross: 1st Dan
  • Damien Lee: 1st Dan
  • Jasmyn Keira Lawson: 1st Dan
  • Seren Bull: 1st Dan
  • Jesse Grace Martin: 1st Dan
  • Craig Leslie: 1st Dan
  • Myles Rae: 1st Dan
  • David William Lawson: 1st Dan
  • Adam Milne: 1st Dan
  • Graeme Strachan: 1st Dan