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Great achievements for Sooyang Do Instructors and members…........

The positive developments within Sooyang Do continue at a pace with new schools opening, instructors being promoted, hundreds of students grading and a whole range of initiatives on the part of our hard working team.

Posted on: 03 April 2018
Master Wood returns from France for Christmas belt examinations

Proud founder Master Bruce Wood looks forward to the future of our art ................

Posted on: 22 December 2017
Chief Instructor Gordon McIver recieves Inspiration award

Mr McIver’s dedication to Sooyang Do whilst battling prostate cancer led him to receiving the Inspiration award at this years Aberdeen’s Sport Awards........

Posted on: 04 November 2017

Sooyang Do is pleased to confirm that the register of Qualified Black Belts has today been updated. The new entries as of the 16th December 2017 are:

    Recent Black Belts

  • Mollie Alexander: Bo Dan
  • Claire Conniff: Bo Dan
  • Megan Conniff: Bo Dan
  • Aiden Kay: Bo Dan
  • Gokula Madhukar: Bo Dan
  • Hannah Mair: Bo Dan
  • Lewis Mair: Bo Dan
  • Aiden Mathieson: Bo Dan
  • Harry McCombie: Bo Dan
  • Joel Petrie: Bo Dan
  • Sky Pirie: Bo Dan
  • Myles Rae: Bo Dan
  • Ewan Smith: Bo Dan
  • Richard Varghese: Bo Dan
  • Hannah Will: Bo Dan
  • :
  • Kelis Adams: 1st Dan
  • Finlay Burr: 1st Dan
  • Sarah Conniff: 1st Dan
  • Keenan Moar Farquhar: 1st Dan
  • Isla Cerys MacKinnon: 1st Dan
  • Andrew Mason: 1st Dan
  • Olivia Porter: 1st Dan
  • :
  • Ryan Bremner: 2nd Dan
  • Jarvis Bull: 2nd Dan
  • Simon Greenland: 2nd Dan
  • Maya Hart: 2nd Dan
  • Eilidh Masson: 2nd Dan
  • Roddy McDonald: 2nd Dan
  • Finlay Morrison: 2nd Dan
  • Lewis Pettifer: 2 nd Dan
  • Duncan Will: 2nd Dan