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Sooyang Do goes International

Sooyang Do history was made this week as they held their first belt examination outside of the UK ....................

Posted on: 01 December 2016
Aberdeen Sports Awards “kick” starts Autumn for Sooyang Do

The United Kingdom Sooyang Do Association recieves a Highly Commended Club of the Year Award...................

Posted on: 24 November 2016
Surreal Summer for UKSA

UKSA members join in the Celebrate Aberdeen Celebrations.............

Posted on: 01 October 2016

Sooyang Do is pleased to confirm that the register of Qualified Black Belts has today been updated. The new entries as of the 28th May 2016 are:

    Recent Black Belts

  • Grace Ball: Bo Dan
  • Jonathan Ball: Bo Dan
  • Heidi Bourne: Bo Dan
  • Seren Bull: Bo Dan
  • Finlay Burr: Bo Dan
  • Georgia Garret: Bo Dan
  • Peter Hale: Bo Dan
  • Iona Jessiman: Bo Dan
  • Kyle Jessiman: Bo Dan
  • Jasmyn Lawson: Bo Dan
  • Amber Leese: Bo Dan
  • Scott Mason: Bo Dan
  • Olivia Porter: Bo Dan
  • Ethan Thomson: Bo Dan
  • Graham Worton: Bo Dan
  • :
  • Ellie Lumsden: 1st Dan
  • Kirsten Smith: 1st Dan
  • Matthew Walker: 1st Dan
  • :
  • Mostyn Farquhar: 2nd Dan
  • John Getliff: 2nd Dan
  • Jeanette MacPherson: 2nd Dan
  • Lewis Sinclair: 2nd Dan
  • Adam Warren: 2nd Dan
  • Rebecca Westwater: 2nd Dan